04.14(Wed) 11:30-12:10 RoomKA


Drive Better Business Outcomes Through Modern Data Management

Presented byCohesity Japan K.K.

Traditionally, data has been siloed which means you don’t have a complete picture to make your business decisions. Consolidating data into a multicloud data management platform allows for those siloes to be broken down transforming the way you access, manage, analyze and protect your most precious resource. Revolutionize your entire data strategy through the use of a scale out, enterprise-class storage solution that seamlessly unifies your data to drive better business outcomes and drive more efficiency. Explore how an application marketplace can provide cybersecurity protection, data analysis and a plethora of options to continue the digital transformation that will propel your enterprise into the next decade and beyond.

  • Enterprise DX
  • Streaming Services

Cohesity, Inc.

Vice President, Product Marketing

Chris Wiborg


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