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Enterprise endpoints protection
- Asset Management and Patch Management Tips for Teleworking -

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Presented byZOHO Japan Corporation

Telework is now widespread, and all devices such as corporate PCs and smartphones are now used at home. However, cyber attacks targeting insecure networks at home are increasing. To reduce these device's vulnerabilities, endpoint patching management is becoming more important.

When it comes to encouraging teleworking, there might be not a few IT administrators who feel that "automation of patch management for multiple OSs", "management of mobile devices", and "efficient asset management in a telework environment" are challenges to overcome.

In this seminar, the IT consultant with extensive experience in the IT asset management and security fields will guide you to the the best solution.

  • Security
  • Streaming Services

DX Consulting Co., Ltd.

IT Service Management 1st Department / General Manager

Koichi Suzuki

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