04.15(Thu) 13:30-14:10 RoomKA


Understanding the Enemy: Changing Global Landscape, Latest Cyber Attacks/Insider Threats in Japan

*Japanese only

Presented byProofpoint Japan K.K.

The world is in a state of great flux. At the same time as COVIT-19 have changed our way of life, changes in the policies of the superpowers are manifesting as major changes in the cyber situation in Japan.

Multi-domain attacks in the U.S., super-limited warfare in China, and hybrid warfare in Russia are all about maintaining national dominance through cyber power not only in emergencies but also in peacetime. However, although cyber warfare is conducted all the time, it is an invisible force and it is difficult to grasp the whole picture due to its activities under the water.

In this lecture, the speaker will explain the changes in the international situation, the evolution of the cybercrime ecosystem, and the attacks that are landing on Japan. We hope it will give you a hint to know your enemy and take effective countermeasures.

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Proofpoint Japan K.K.

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Yukimi Sohta


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