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Creating a "New Normal" for spectatorship with the Sports Industry

*Japanese only

Presented byYamaha Corporation / SoundUD Consortium

The COVID-19 epidemic has drawn attention to remote cheering in sports and is revolutionizing the way of watching sports broadcasts, which have a history of roughly 100 years.

The ""Remote Cheerer"" smartphone application, developed by Yamaha together with the Sports Industry, allows users to send cheers from home through stadium speakers and enjoy cheering while talking with other users through its social voice function. It has delivered more than 100 million cheers to venues in about 500 games this season.

In this presentation, Mr. ROLAND, an ambassador of Remote Cheerer, will talk about his experience and announce a new project with DAZN, a video distribution service specializing in sports.

  • Mobile / Wireless
  • Streaming Services

Roland Group HD, Inc.

Representative Director



Yamaha Corporation

Cloud Business Department

Yuki Seto


ARTSVISION Incorporated

Voice actor

Saki Fujita


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