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Experience First Networking
- delivering simplified operations & superior user experience -

Presented byJuniper Networks, Inc.

The network has become a critical aspect of daily life. That means the demands on networks have advanced far beyond legacy expectations. It’s clear to Juniper that experience?is the first and most important requirement for networking in the cloud era.? To this end, Juniper is focused on putting those that run mission critical corporate networks ? the network architects, builders and operators ? at the center of all that we do, so those that depend on the network ? the salesperson giving a demo over Zoom, the associate using a point-of-sale scanner in a store, the students watching Netflix in their dorm rooms or consuming real-time content on their mobile, and the developer coding the next billion-dollar app ? are as happy and productive as possible.?

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Streaming Services

Juniper Networks, Inc.


Rami Rahim


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