06.17(Fri) 11:30-12:10 RoomKA

The Network for the Modern AI Era
- Client-to-Cloud Automation, Insight and Assurance -

Presented byJuniper Networks K.K.

AIOps is a key component of any automated IT infrastructure, improving everything from security and analytics to incident response times. Whether isolating problems, predicting future occurrences, or delivering self-driving network operations that fix issues before users even know they exist, AIOps provides unparalleled insight, automation, and assurance for true “experience-first” networking.

In this session, Sujai Hajela, EVP and head of Juniper’s AI-driven Enterprise business unit, will discuss ways to implement AIOps across a network – from client to cloud. In addition, he will discuss ways to prepare your IT organization for a move to AI-driven operations, and identify ways you can measure real results attained from AI, ML and virtual network assistant technologies.

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 Juniper Networks, Inc.

 EVP, AI-Driven Enterprise

 Sujai Hajela


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