06.17(Fri) 13:30-14:10 RoomKB

Know Thy Enemies
- Economic Security and Cyber Security

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Presented byProofpoint Japan K.K.

Everyone knows that the situation in Ukraine has brought a lot of attention to cyber attacks and Intensifying cyber warfare. However, because the attacks are invisible and difficult to understand, many organizations are probably stuck in a negative spiral, unable to take countermeasures and putting off security investments. Furthermore, it is no longer enough to think only about security for your own organization; attacks are now coming from the supply chain that is connected to your own organization.
In this presentation, we will examine Japan's cyber position in light of the international situation, and discuss how to detect unauthorized behavior of legitimate accounts and how to fight them with the equipment available today.

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 Proofpoint Japan K.K.

 Chief Evangelist

 Yukimi Sohta

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