06.14(Wed) 12:30-13:10 RoomKB

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The state of open source Networking and Edge

Cooperation of Lecture:Linux Foundation 


 The Linux Foundation Networking made predictions in late 2022 regarding the emergence of dominant trends in networking and edge, such as truly open RAN, Network as-a-service for Enterprise, Metaverse, and more. This presentation by Ranny Haiby, CTO of Networking, Edge, and Access at the Linux Foundation, will delve into the current state of open source networking and edge. The talk will primarily focus on analyzing the progress made towards the aforementioned trends. Attendees will gain insights into how open source collaboration is addressing current industry use cases, including its adoption by large enterprises and government agencies. Furthermore, the presentation will highlight the successful adaptation of well-proven technologies for use in edge computing and distributed network applications.

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Linux Foundation 

CTO Networking, Edge and Access

Ranny Haiby

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