06.14(Wed) 13:30-14:10 RoomKB

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Hybrid World: Sustainable future coming up through the fusion of boundaries among IoT, edge, data center and cloud

Presented byLenovo Enterprise Solutions LLC

We are seeing a hybrid world, where the fusion of boundaries among variety of technology are occuring; real and virtual, client and server, public and private cloud, data center and edge, and so on. Lenovo, with "Smarter Technology for All" vision, introduces case references: a customer looking to sustainable and hybrid operations of its service in the area of data center and cloud technology; and a customer bringing about a smart city where the hybrid of real and virtual living experiences are realized through the AR-powered IoT and edge technology.

  • Edge Computing
  • On Demand Seminar

Softbank Corp. 

Cloud Development Dision 1, Solution Engineering Unit Enterprise

Shigeyuki Morimoto


Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group 

WW Director, Business Development, Communication Service Providers

Chadie Ghadie


Lenovo Enterprise Solutions, LLC. 

Head of Marketing, Japan ISG

Katz Inoue


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