06.15(Thu) 09:30-10:10 RoomKA

web3 and AI - Road to Henkaku

Cooperation of Lecture:Digital Garage,Inc.

*Japanese only


Blockchain technology will bring a new era of interoperability, transparency and accountability. AI will add interpretability, scalability and accessibility. AI and web3 together will create a new coordination layer for society through programmable business, law and society. In this era, technology-informed law and ethics will be more essential than ever as we strap rocket boosters onto all of the good and bad efforts that we are engaged in. In this lecture, Joi will discuss the potential of web3, DAOs, AI, and probabilistic computing and the paradigmatic shift it will enable the architecture required to realise this shift.

  • AI/IoT
  • On Demand Seminar

Co-founder, board member, and chief architect of Digital Garage. 

Director of Henkaku Center at Chiba Institute of Technology

Joi Ito


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