06.15(Thu) 10:30-11:10 RoomKA

The Digital Transformation with Generative AI on AWS

Cooperation of Lecture:Amazon Web Services, Inc.

*Japanese only


Generative AI is becoming pervasive across generations. The most important aspect of taking advantage of new technologies is to balance safety and agility. This presentation will include the latest services from AWS on how to make the most of actual digital transformation (DX), such as search accuracy, data freshness, how to apply it to business operations, protection of internal data and intellectual property, and value calculation as TCO.

At AWS, we have played a key role in democratizing ML and making it accessible to anyone who wants to use it, including more than 100,000 customers of all sizes and industries. In this session, we will discuss secure access to data in line with social and corporate rules and the use of the latest Generative AI.

  • AI/IoT
  • On Demand Seminar

Amazon Web Services Japan 

WWPS Japan Tech Lead

Yoichi Takizawa

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