06.15(Thu) 12:30-13:10 RoomKA

The Interplanetary Internet
- Internet Market Expanding to the Space -

Cooperation of Lecture:IPNSIG

*Japanese only


The Internet has grown to a social and economic infrastructure that supports human activities. Meanwhile, the space field is becoming increasingly active as humanity expand its sphere farther in to deep space - to the Moon and Mars. Also, the space business by the private companies and other entities is expanding, and at the same time, the challenges of scientific space exploration promoted by the Japanese space agency is sheding light on our way forward to our exciting endeavors ahead. Similar to the characteristics and leading edge of Japanese ground-based Internet, technical contributions from the industry toward the construction of communication infrastructure to support space activities is becoming significantly important. The IPNSIG has set forth a vision of "Expand Networking to Interplanetary Space for the Benefit of Humanity" and has been exploring architectures, policies, and business models to achieve this vision. In welcoming the 30th anniversary of Interop Tokyo, we will explore these efforts and look ahead on communication networks expanding from ground to space and the Internet market in the space field.

  • On Demand Seminar



Yosuke Kaneko


Keio University Professor 

WIDE Project Founder

Jun Murai

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