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Digital Human and Generative AI

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The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been transforming how humans interact with machines, with many exciting new applications in various industries. Primary among them is the creation of digital humans, which involves using generative AI to create realistic human-like avatars that can interact with users through face-to-face conversation.
D-ID, a leading provider of generative AI solutions, has developed a new live streaming tool that enables companies to produce conversational AI interfaces with talking avatars. With this technology employed via D-ID’s robust API, companies can create more personalized and engaging experiences for their customers, with human-like avatars that can understand and respond to customer inquiries.
The technology behind D-ID's live streaming solution utilizes generative AI algorithms to create these digital humans and deploy them in real-time, with the ability to learn and adapt based on customer interactions, capable of delivering high-impact, high-result customer experiences.
Companies can use digital humans to provide a more personalized touch to their customer service interactions, with avatars that can provide tailored recommendations and advice in a highly consistent and courteous manner, at all hours of the day. They can also use these avatars for marketing and sales purposes, creating more engaging and interactive campaigns that capture the attention of their target audience.

Igor Hofman, D-ID’s VP of Sales, will share with participants the latest developments from the D-ID team and his insights into the generative AI ecosystem and the future of human-machine interaction. A leading sales executive with over a decade of experience in Israel’s fast-paced technology sector, Igor is deeply familiar with the AI market and the state of technological adoption.

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VP Sales, D-ID 

Igor Hofman

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