06.16(Fri) 09:30-10:10 RoomKA

AI-Induced Evolution of Computing and Computing Devices

Cooperation of Lecture:Preferred Networks, Inc.

*Japanese only


 Deep learning and other AI technologies, not to mention much-talked-about generative AI, are starting to enhance industry players' competitiveness and driving unprecedented changes in a range of domains, such as computer graphics, computational science, image and voice recognition, and more. The key to this change is a new type of computing device - an AI supercomputer that can process massive training data to drastically boost AI's accuracy. I will present new, remarkable applications of AI and a new form of computing devices that accelerate such evolution.

  • AI/IoT
  • On Demand Seminar

Preferred Networks, Inc. 

Chief Executive Officer 

Toru Nishikawa

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