06.16(Fri) 11:30-12:10 RoomKB

Resolving Alert Fatigue
- “Cybereason XDR,” automated investigation of distributed advanced Attacks.

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Presented byCybereason G.K.

 Attackers seek out vulnerable points in an organization and execute attacks from multiple angles, including not only PCs and servers, but also cloud and network devices. When an incident occurs, security team must search for “pieces” of the attack trail scattered all over the place, and like a puzzle, complete the whole picture of the attack and deal with it. In this presentation, we will introduce the issues that organizations need to solve based on attack cases and findings that Cyber Reasons has dealt with, and introduce XDR product and services that automate and shorten the time to fill in the scattered pieces, with demonstrations.

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Cybereason G.K. 

Marketing Division・Product Marketing Manager

Yuichi Kikukawa


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