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The Role of AI in Networking and how ChatGPT can assist

Presented byJuniper Networks K.K.

 AIOps is transforming how IT teams monitor and manage their networks, allowing for faster problem resolution, greater efficiency, and improved network performance. We’ll discuss the impact of AIOps on networking and the best strategies to build a network infrastructure that can leverage this technology. With the assistance of ChatGPT, we’ll examine how AIOps is changing the networking landscape, providing insights into how IT teams can implement this technology into their existing infrastructure. Also discuss the key considerations that organizations must address when building a network that can take full advantage of AIOps, including the importance of data quality, scalability, and security, as well as the role of new GPT/LLM tools. Finally, will highlight case studies of organizations that have successfully integrated AIOps into their network operations and achieved significant benefits, such as reduced downtime and increased agility.

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Juniper Networks Inc. 

Jeff Aaron


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