06.13(Thu) 12:20-13:00 RoomKA

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Navigating the Ethical Landscape:
Three Moral Imperatives for Technology Leaders

In our rapidly evolving technological landscape, leaders in the field face not only the challenges of innovation but also the weighty responsibility of ethical stewardship. This keynote by Cisco’s Senior Vice President & Global Innovation Officer delves into three core moral obligations that technology leaders must embrace: Connecting the Unconnected, Being Ethical Stewards of Technology, and Protecting the Planet.

To underscore the practical application of these moral obligations, the President of Cisco Japan will close the keynote by examining the transformative impact of Japan's Country Digital Acceleration program, which stands as a testament to the power of Cisco’s technology and unmatched partner ecosystem in fostering inclusive growth and resilience.

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Senior Vice President & Global Innovation Officer

Guy Diedrich


Cisco Systems G.K. 

President and General Manager

Yoshiyuki Hamada

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