06.12(Wed) 13:15-13:55 International Convention Hall A


The 7 Leadership Pitfalls of Cloud Adoption: Reduce Friction, Drive Results, and Avoid Common Mistakes

The cloud is changing how we do business, making work more intuitive, connected, open, and collaborative. This change has presented new security risks, unlike what enterprises have seen before. As enterprises continue to adopt new clouds, with or without the involvement of IT and Security, new ways of thinking, response, and technical control capabilities are required to succeed in this new reality.
In this talk, security practitioners will hear from Cloud security industry leader, Sean Cordero, who will provide tips, lessons learned, and recommendations on how to adapt your security program to meet the new demands of security professionals in a “cloud first” world.
Attendees will walk away with real world examples and actions to apply to their careers and cloud security programs to increase their success when adopting and securing cloud based services.

Attendees will learn:
1. How to identify the core areas of security program focus to increase the chances of success when working with the cloud.
2. Technological innovations which have enabled large enterprises to securely adopt cloud services without disruption to their core business.
3. The non-technical skills which will be key to success in this shift to our industry


Netskope, Inc.

VP of Cloud Strategy

Sean Cordero


Netskope Japan K.K.

Country Manager

Jin Ichiro Daikoku

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