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Driving Deep User Engagement Within Your App

Digital marketing channels drive user acquisition and help you optimize your cost-per-install, but once your users are in the door, how do you drive deep engagement? In high-growth markets, only 15% of app installs remain in use after 7 days, and Google's new Engagement Rewards platform can help your app remain in your user’s rotation. This cutting edge initiative streamlines the process of incentivizing users to take certain actions within your app, such as a user booking a trip and receiving rideshare credits in return.
The platform can help you deepen your footprint in high-growth global markets, drive user engagement, and increase retention by rewarding actions that matter in your app. Join an Engagement Rewards expert to learn about how you can drive user engagement and be an early adopter of the future of mobile app technology.



Head of Business Development, Next Billion Users

Sumeet Sharma

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