06.13(Thu) 09:30-10:10 International Convention Hall A


Threats and Opportunities for Cyber Security in Japan

As Japan increases its reliance on technology in order to promote economic growth and address demographic challenges,?its vulnerability to cyber attacks is increasing. Yet Japan faces a significant shortage of cyber security professionals, a growing number of highly-capable adversaries in cyberspace, and a daunting challenge of securing the Tokyo 2020 Games. In this presentation,?Christopher Porter, FireEye CTO for?Global?Cybersecurity Policy will explore several questions. What are the biggest cyber security threats Japan faces today? How can Japan secure its critical infrastructure facilities against cyber attacks? What are the cyber risks associated with the 2020 Games??Finally, why should Japan work closer with allies in the region and around the world to combat cyber threats together? This session is intended to guide business leaders in their approach to decisions involving cyber security.??


FireEye, Inc.

Chief Intelligence Strategist

Christopher Porter

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