06.14(Fri) 11:25-12:05 International Convention Hall A


The journey from SDWAN to AI Driven Enterprise

2 major macro-trends are shaping up our IT industry: Digital transformation and the Cloud. Digital disruption is hitting hard all sectors of the global economy and the effects are still only just playing out. Cloud is the “Super-Nova that releases massive energy and accelerate the change”. Many companies and economies are scrambling to catch each new wave and the keep up with rate of change.
Successful digital transformations should be well designed and soundly executed across multiple domains, taking full benefits of technology advances. Central to the success of the transformation is being clear about the impact of connectivity infrastructure, security, the data and the Cloud while understanding the key dependencies across all of them.
In this Keynote, we will tackle the basis of building a connectivity infrastructure using technology as a competitive advantage taking into account the myriad new ways value can be created.

•From complexity and technical debt lock-in and inflexibility to simplicity
•Simplicity is the goal, user experience is what counts
•Better on-ramps to Multicloud, Faster Devices, Branches and VPC rollouts
•Variety and reliability of connectivity’s, VPNs and segmentations
•App & user policy controls, SLAs, visibility
•SD-WAN-aaS business and consumption, 5G connectivity
•SD-Enterprise, SD-LAN, Wi-Fi, consolidation of VNFs and apps, IoT gateway,
•Operations must solve for simplicity and assure user experience
•Data-driven improvement in insights, intelligence and ideas
•AI is more difference-making in operations and workflow
•AI driven Enterprise is the destination and that’s possible today

This Keynote will take us through this journey from today’s simple SD-WAN use case to AI Driven Enterprise with the practical steps that will enable this journey in order to deliver on your Digital transformation, securely and timely within your desired boundaries.


Corporate Vice President, CPO Global Solutions

Corp VP Product Management

Ahmed Guetari

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