06.13(Thu) 14:20-15:00 International Convention Hall B


Device Visibility and Control - The key to reducing risk and improving your security posture

As digital transformation continues, organizations are connecting increasing numbers of smart devices on their networks to automate business operations and improve efficiency. Whether IoT, IIoT or OT, these devices bring unprecedented growth and diversity to enterprise networks and increase business risk. This puts new demands on CIOs and CISOs who are now tasked with protecting the entire business ecosystem, not just managing user devices, applications and data. Industry experts project that by 2023, CIOs will be responsible for 3 times the endpoints they managed in 2018. To take on this challenge, they need complete device visibility and control. Join us to learn how Forescout enables organizations to gain complete situational awareness of all devices in their converging IT and OT environments to understand and mitigate both their cyber and operational risk.


Forescout Technologies Inc.

Product Marketing Senior Director

Sandeep Kumar

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